Community Involvement

Kenilworth is very involved in the Baton Rouge education community and is a leader in STEM-related events.

Louisiana STEM Expo - Kenilworth is the founder, organizer and host of the Louisiana STEM Expo, an annual statewide competition that features student science demonstrations and exhibits from many Louisiana universities, agencies, museums and organizations. The purpose of the Expo is to expose Louisiana students to the exciting and engaging world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to celebrate their accomplishments in these disciplines.

Louisiana Elementary Math Olympiad - Kenilworth also founded and hosts the Louisiana Elementary Math Olympiad, an annual extracurricular math event in which 4th and 5th graders face off for a math competition.

Science Research Mentorship (SRM) - Kenilworth has created valuable partnerships with many Louisiana universities through the Science Research Mentorship program. SRM gives Kenilworth students the opportunity to work with university graduate students and faculty members for the Kenilworth students’ science fair projects. This valuable experience has helped Kenilworth students bring home a trophy 13 times in regional and state science fairs since 2013!

L-STEM - Kenilworth also is a founding member of L-STEM, a coalition of Louisiana educators, businesses, community organizations and state agencies that are committed to elevating the performance of ALL Louisiana youth in the STEM disciplines.
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