Important Back to School Information (2020-2021 School Year)

Jun 30, 2020

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Dear Kenilworth Parents,
We are preparing for the 2020-21 school year, which is scheduled to begin on Thursday, August 6, 2020. Our commitment to you and your children has not changed: Our top priority is to create a safe environment in which children can learn and be successful. We need your assistance so we can complete our planning.
Each family will choose whether to continue learning from home or return to Kenilworth for on-campus learning for the 2020-2021 school year, based on each family’s needs.
We must hear from you as soon as possible so we can finalize our plans. Fill out our Back-To-School survey by July 6th. The survey can be reached at this link:

Here are some important points to consider in making your choice:
  • Families will be allowed to switch between in-home learning and on-campus learning as the local COVID-19 conditions or the family situation changes.
  • If many families prefer on-campus instruction, students may attend school on a rotating schedule so we can comply with state and federal guidelines and safety protocols.
  • We will provide each student with a Chromebook computer tablet and a case. Students will carry the Chromebooks with them at all times, and they will be allowed to take them home. 
  • Kenilworth will continue offering transportation to and from school, but pick-up and drop-off times may change because busses will not be able to carry as many students due to social distancing measures. We recommend that parents pick up and drop off students.
Kenilworth students in the in-home learning program will have access to the same rigorous, academic environment as on-campus students. Online courses at Kenilworth are taught by teachers trained for educating and engaging students in a virtual environment. Students will be required to attend live teaching sessions.
Students in the on-campus program will find a safe and organized learning environment that parents can feel comfortable sending their child to each day. Students will be given a temperature check before getting on the bus and before entering the school. Any student who exhibits any Covid-19 symptoms will be isolated in a safe room by the school’s full-time Registered Nurse, and the student’s parents will be called to pick up the child.

Kenilworth also strongly encourages all parents to direct their children to wear a mask at school. Kenilworth will have branded school masks available at a nominal cost, and we also have a supply of free masks for students and others. All teachers will be wearing face masks and/or face shields inside the building.

Other on-campus protections we are taking include:
  • Enhanced health and sanitary protocols, as well as possible adjustments to daily routines to keep all students and team members as safe as possible.
  • All breakfasts will be served in the classroom.
  • Lunches will be served in the cafeteria or the classroom, depending upon how many students are in the building.
  • Small-group classrooms as designated by CDC Guidelines.
  • Students will not rotate classes.
  • Multiple hand hygiene breaks will be built into the day.
  • Most classwork and homework will be submitted electronically.

As of now, Kenilworth’s sports programs are suspended until we are confident they can be safely started again.

To keep families connected regardless of their learning location, Kenilworth will be using Schoology, a new, all-in-one learning management system. Through Schoology, students and families will have full access to instructional materials, assignments, grading, calendars, and parent messaging on one platform that follows seamlessly from in-home to on-campus learning and back, if needed.
It is important that you fill out the survey so we can complete our planning. We must have all surveys completed by July 6, 2020. Click here to complete the survey.
Thank you for your trust in Kenilworth.
Hasan Suzuk, M. Ed.
Executive Director

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