Kenilworth school year begins with familiar faces

Aug 22, 2018

The school announced Wednesday that 86% of the sixth- and seventh-grade students who attended Kenilworth last year have re-enrolled in the seventh and eighth grades.

"That is a very high percentage of returning students, especially when you consider the mobility rate in Baton Rouge," said Principal Hasan Suzuk. "I believe it makes a positive statement about the school when you have so many parents make the decision to keep their children at Kenilworth throughout middle school."

Kenilworth, a public charter school in Baton Rouge, has an enrollment of 401 students in the 2018-19 school year. Mr. Suzuk, who has been principal since 2010, said the school decided to decrease the enrollment for the last two years to provide a lower student-teacher ratio for a better educational experience for the students.

"We still have a waiting list of students," Mr. Suzuk said. "The reason parents want to enroll their students at Kenilworth is that we keep our class sizes a little smaller. Research - and our own experience - has shown that smaller class sizes lead to better academic results."
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