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We are looking for dedicated, hard-working team members who are willing to make a difference in Baton Rouge youth. Help us educate, inspire and engage even more students by referring a teacher today.

Please check with the person you’d like to refer and make sure that he/she would be receptive if we reached out and used your name. If we hire the person you refer, we’ll send you a $1,000 check within six months of the first day that he/she starts work at Kenilworth.

Guidelines for referral:
  • All KST employees and non-KST employees (older than 21 years old) are eligible to receive the bonus
  • The referred teacher must work specifically as a teacher at Kenilworth for at least six months for the referrer to be paid the bonus (bonus will be taxed).
  • All referrals submitted will be considered eligible for the Teacher Referral Bonus for up to one year after the submission date.
  • If we have already made contact with a teacher who is referred, that referral will not be eligible for a bonus.
  • Bonuses are awarded for full-time instructional staff only.
  • If more than one person refers a teacher candidate, the bonus will be awarded to the person who made the first referral.
  • Referred teachers cannot be current or prior KST employees.

If you refer us to someone we hire, you will earn $1,000!

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