School Board

The mission of the Pelican Educational Foundation’s Board of Directors,
which operates Kenilworth, is to prepare students for academic success in their future educational pursuits and to equip them to be effective, responsible and productive citizens. Pelican’s educational philosophy is that the school exists for the welfare and dignity of the child. As such, Kenilworth is a student-centered school, and each child is recognized as a unique individual with unique interests, needs and abilities.
Pelican Educational Foundation is a local community-based, non-profit organization established in December 2005 that is dedicated to preparing students for academic success through enhanced learning of math, science and technology. This concept was developed through a workgroup comprised of professors from Louisiana State University, Southern University, Southeastern Louisiana University and Tulane University.
Pelican’s specific goals include: increasing student achievement, eliminating achievement gaps, improving dropout rates and completion rates, maintaining high promotion standards, increasing the number of students taking advanced placement exams, ensuring that special education students are appropriately served, increasing management efficiency, increasing emphasis on resources devoted to instruction, enhancing teacher quality, increasing parental involvement, and improving public support and confidence in the school by providing a safe and healthy learning environment.

Pelican schools have innovative programs that emphasize the integration of technology into curriculum and constructivist learning. Through cross-disciplinary education, Pelican encourages multiple intelligences digital arts. Web-based training, examination and monitoring is provided, and students are encouraged to collaborate with university professors and researchers to participate in national and international science competitions. Parental and community involvement in the classroom as well as in extracurricular activities, and improvement of parent-teacher relationship via home-visits are other key components of the Pelican education model.

Pelican Educational Foundation partners with Harmony Public Schools, a well-established non-profit entity that supports the Harmony Science Academies Charter School System. In operation since 2000, Harmony Schools are one of the most successful charter school systems in the United States, serving economically disadvantaged and minority students in Texas. Harmony Schools have earned several national awards and recognition including: National Title-I Distinguished School Award and National Championship in Math Counts competition. U.S. News and World Report also has recognized the Harmony Schools as among America’s Best High Schools.


Board Meeting Schedule
Date and Time Location
September 22, 2018 @10:00am Kenilworth S&T School
October 27, 2018, @10:00am Kenilworth S&T School
December 8, 2018, @10:00am Kenilworth S&T School
February 2, 2019, @10:00am Kenilworth S&T School
March 23, 2019, @10:00am Kenilworth S&T School
May 4, 2019, @10:00am Kenilworth S&T School
August 17, 2019 @10:00am Kenilworth S&T School

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